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This week’s post is going to start with a flashback to the video on my YouTube channel from two weeks ago about saving thousands on a fence project.

When I broke down the costs on the fence and labor as well as the savings, I listed a secret savings of $23 and change and it’s finally time to reveal what happened there!

I listed a secret savings of $23 and change and it’s time to reveal what happened there.

It turns out Home Depot will price match the 11% rebate that Menards offers provided you make your Home Depot purchases during weeks that Menards is offering their rebate. 

Plan ahead if you’re anticipating large purchases because Menards does not offer the rebate every week.  You can check every Sunday to find out if that week will be a rebate week.

I ran several searches and best I can tell nobody has made a YouTube video about this before, so I made one and you can check it out here!  I actually worked for Home Depot when I was in college and I didn’t know this existed until a few weeks ago!

The Home Depot Rebate works very similarly to the Menards rebate.  You submit information from your receipt and receive money back in the form of merchandise credit.  Let’s check out the website.

HERE is a link to the Home Depot Rebates website.

You can click the links on the left of the webpage and mail in the Home Depot rebate similar to how it works with Menards, but I recommend using the portal on the right side of the screen to complete the rebate form online. No sense in dealing with postage if you don’t have to!

Once you submit a date of purchase, you can submit your store number and receipt number.  The website suggests not all Home Depots participate, but I’ve not yet found a location that doesn’t.

In the final screen, you’ll submit your mailing address and email.

It took about 3 weeks, but I turned in my receipts and received the corresponding gift cards in the mail! Not bad for some extra savings! The gift card values are higher, but that’s because I bought a few things not associated with the fence project on those trips!

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Until next time, take care.


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