Ebay has become more fascinating to me recently as ‘the place to buy things you cannot find anywhere else.” For me, that’s been collections of vintage football cards, but there’s something for everyone on eBay!

#1 – Coupons

Lowe’s is the big winner here. You can buy 10% off coupons and $20 off $100 coupons for a dollar or two and they’re instantly sent to your email. Use the self check out, scan the barcode on the coupon from your phone, slip a piece of paper in the coupon slot to satisfy the machine, and you’re golden!

#2 – Vehicle History Reports

Folks working at car dealerships have access to the vehicle history report databases and have realized they can side hustle by offering reports on eBay. For less than $10, you can use the ‘buy it now’ function. Seller will email you requesting the subject Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Send the VIN as a reply and you’ll then receive the report.

#3 – Home Security Signs

This is controversial, but I’m doing it anyway! Security system signs from ADT, SimpliSafe, Brinks, and others are available for purchase on eBay. If you live in a place where you already feel safe, the signs may give you the added security to make you sleep well at night.

#4 – Hotel Night Stays

This can be hit or miss depending on destination, but people stick their complimentary one night stay codes for various hotel chains for sale. I’d recommend searching “hotel night stay – (city)” to see what comes up. Be careful to check for blackout dates before buying.

A word of caution for buying from eBay. The entire eBay marketplace is predicated on trust and feedback. Always check a seller’s ratings before deciding to buy.

This post was sparked from the YouTube video I made on the same subject. Check it out at https://youtube.com/user/anthonydrewgary?sub_confirmation=1 and search 4 Things You Might Not Have Known You Can Buy on eBay!


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